Media Industries Self Assesment

CONTRIBUTION & COLLABORATION Early on, I volunteered to begin the process of contacting potential guests. The group decided we would like to have a speaker who could give us insight into the entertainment side to digital media. After doing some research, I contacted Melbourne-based web series writer/director Max De Bowen. Unfortunately, Max was shooting a […]

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Mocked By A Mockumentary

Shark Week – arguably the best week of the year. An entire seven days of nothing more than having the majestic king of the ocean gracing our screens? It really doesn’t get much better than that. This year however, Shark Week was struck by controversy when ‘The Discovery Chanel’ chose to air a mockumentary about […]

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When Ducklings Turn Into Swans

“Every model that comes on Australia’s Next Top Model, if she doesn’t make it to makeover… honey, you were never on the show”.               -Dajana, series 8. It is true that the most anticipated episodes of certain reality shows (besides perhaps the finale) is the ‘makeover’.  I may have not watched a single episode of the […]

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